Saturday, July 31, 2010

A New Venture

So, today I start a new venture -- "A Parent Perspective." My goal in this venture is to share my experiences/advice/perceptions of life as a parent, wife and human on this little rock we all call home. I'm looking to grow through allowing myself to share openly, something I'm not always great at in person.

Why this? Well, I'm a mother of 2 (ages 7 and 10), wife of 16 years ('together' for 20!), and a professional who insanely enough craves 'more.' Have you ever had that feeling as a parent? Oh . . .how 'UN'apparent it can be. You don't know how or when it happens, but somehow the life you so carefully built can somehow take over, constructing walls and ceilings and furniture all around you to the point that you lose yourself in the maze we call "life."

With this blog, I hope to refind myself by getting in touch with my inner writer/creative person and maybe, just maybe, inspire others in the process.

What I intend to share: ideas on how to keep your marriage fresh (do you still get butterflies whe he/she walks into the room?), being there for your kids, rediscovering you (when's the last time you went by your first name rather than being Joe's wife or Donna's mom?), peeking into someone else's family life experiences (Wow! I thought that was something that just happened to US!), and sometimes just having fun! And, if you live in Austin, you'll also benefit through stories of places where you can enjoy some local kid-friendly, family fun!

Well, there you have it -- my first entry! The plan is to offer these tidbits every day (of course, I think holidays, vacation, sick days can still apply.) ; )

May we live, learn and grow our families together and may we all find that our perspective as a parent can be more "apparent" if we just let it.